Thursday, April 24, 2008

Cedar Fair B&Ms Update

Behemoth at Canada's Wonderland had its media day today! The shot above and below are from this set of videos from CTV News. The ride looks like it's trims and mid-course were on pretty light and the train was moving at a good clip in the latter half of the ride.

The shot below is from the National Post, I just really liked the image - it's refreshing to see shots of a coaster that has riders with arms up while riding.

© National Post 2008

Moving back down to the U.S. of A., Coaster Crew has posted an awesome photo update for Dominator at Kings Dominion.

© CoasterCrew 2008

The park is making some significant progress with the ride. As you can see in the photo above (you'll have to head to CoasterCrew for the big version) the newly refurbed trains look ready to go with a sleek purple and orange color scheme.

I can't think of another B&M off the top of my head with that much purple on the trains ... that's something new!

Head over to CoasterCrew's gallery.


dwitos079 said...

Voodoo was lit up today with steel force and laser. Do you want the pics? If so email me at