Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Dark Knight @ New England Officially Gone

Well, today Six Flags New England made it official that the Dark Knight coaster will not be opening this summer as planned. They park is not saying yet if it's being pushed back a year or not happening at all.

Instead of the new coaster, the park has announced that they will be adding a Glow In The Park Parade this summer. When Six Flags announced their 2008 plans last year, the Glow In The Park parade was headed to two parks, Great Adventure and Six Flags Mexico.

Now this begs the question: are they really developing a third parade for this summer or is some switching going on? It seems like all this took place too late in the off-season for an entire third parade to be created. Take notice of the official Glow In The Park Parade logo:

And then take notice of the logo of the parade that's taking place at Six Flags Mexico:

Not the same, huh. And if you check out the video that's playing on the front page of the Six Flags Mexico website, you'll notice that the floats look nothing like those in the concept art for the Glow Parade.

It looks like Six Flags Mexico got some sort of lesser parade - almost like they took floats from the parades several parks had last season and added lights - and Six Flags New England is getting the 'real deal' at their park this summer.

Well, regardless, that's a big superhero sized let down for Six Flags New England fans, but at least the parade looks promising!

Also - if you want to see a nice gallery of what was up of the Dark Night at Six Flags New England on the park's opening day head over to SFNE Online!


Mark Small said...

According to news stories, the coaster project has been scrapped. Work already done will be dismantled.

Six Flags cancels plans for new "Dark Knight" roller coaster

NewsPlusNotes said...

What a bummer, huh? I'm sure the ride will show up at a different Six Flags park in 2009. I'm also sure that a couple or so were already planned for parks in 2009 - I wonder if we will ever find out where New England's ended up?