Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Sea World Orlando's 2009 Attraction

© Orlando Sentinel 2008

The Orlando Sentinel has a blog post about Sea World Orlando's new attraction for 2009, which is now being officially recognized as a roller coaster + animal attraction by the park.

The development is being called the largest single investment for any Sea World park, and the coaster is described as providing a sensation of gliding. The ride is strongly rumored to be a B&M flying coaster, probably named Manta (Sea World trademarked that name recently). The animal side of it is rumored to feature Manta Rays and other animals of that genre.

The photo above, from the Orlando Sentinel, shows the massive area Sea World Orlando has cleared out in the middle of the park for the new development.

Orlando is quite the hotbed of coasters all the sudden - 2009 is already featuring Rockit and the Sea World ride, and others are rumored for 2010. Pretty awesome!

Here's the registration on the trademark website: