Saturday, April 19, 2008

More Kings Island 2009 Stuff

I was looking at KICentral's photos of the construction area at Kings Island and then the graphic from First Drop magazine and decided to make a map to understand the whole thing better. Here's what I came up with quick:

It really does match up perfectly, I think. Those little footers that are totally like the ones for other B&M rides for station/transfer areas are right where they should be according to the First Drop image.

Also, that huge footer is located near where the higher portion of the ride's lift would be, which would explain why it's such a big footer.

The only part I'm not sure I agree with, and drew differently, is the track return into the helix. The First Drop image has the track crossing over in front of the entrance area to The Crypt - which would be odd and extremely ugly. So I have the return run come up on the other side of the Crypt's building, which makes a lot more sense to me. But I'm probably wrong, and they'll run the track right over the Crypt's entrance.

This construction schedule is even earlier than Hydra's was at Dorney Park - which should mean watching vertical construction all summer long while at the park.


Chris said...

Yes, let's hope you won't see footers at the Crypt queue. It's a shame to see the pond go, hopefully this isn't any indication of CF's long term plan to ensure cement covers the park fence to fence.