Saturday, April 26, 2008

Another Ride for Knoebels in 2008

Knoebels has listed on their website that they're adding a Wipeout to the park this year in addition to Flying Turns. Well, that is if Flying Turns does open.

I'm glad that they are expanding their ride lineup again. Wipeouts are fun rides for a broader spectrum of the family, which means it's a perfect fit for Knoebels.

The real reason for me to go to Knoebels will always remain the Haunted Mansion, though.


dwitos079 said...

I love everything about Knoebels. It is such a good all around park. The food is great (not corporate junk) , the rides are great, the park experience is great, there is trees there, the park has feeling (nice history that you can actually see). Everything about Knoebels is great.

De hoek said...

I wonder if this is Geauga Lake's wipe out. Or is this new? Anyone know?

ZyDeCoAsTeR ! said...

From that pic it looks like SFNO's old Mad Rex.