Monday, April 14, 2008

Dark Knight Viral Marketing? Nah...

I noticed that on Screamscape today they're reporting that from a sign that was seen in the Dark Knight building at Great Adventure a 'viral marketing' website was discovered for the new Batman themed rides.

Go to and you'll find a live website:

Which has some, but not a lot, of information posted about the fake Gotham City company.

The pooey part, though, is that this website is a part of a much, MUCH, larger viral campaign for the Dark Knight movie in general that has been going on for almost a year now.

If I'm correct, it all started last year with, and has, over time, blossomed into many other sites such as,, and There are at least a half dozen other as well.

It would have been awesome of Six Flags to have planned ahead and join in on the viral marketing the movie guys were already doing, but I think this new discovery is just the ride's tie-in to the existing effort.

Here's a great link about the movie's viral efforts.