Wednesday, April 2, 2008

March Poll Results

My question for the March poll was what was the best Time Warner Era, Highly Themed Six Flags roller coaster. We had 375 votes, and while the winner wasn't a big surprise, I do feel it is quite deserving.

The Batman The Ride coasters came in number uno in this poll with 30% of the total vote. The reason I think this one deserved to win is that it's such a solid ride with some nice theming as well.

And to be clear, I'm not comparing the theming aspects of any of the rides in this poll to Disney or Universal stuff, so for these rides "great theming" would not equal Big Thunder Mountain Railroad theming, but probably more like Batman The Ride theming.

Next, in 2nd place with 25% of the vote we have Superman The Escape at Six Flags Magic Mountain.

This one was surprising to me, I did not see this ride coming in second place when all was said and done. I've never been on it so I can't comment on the ride or it's theming, but aside from height and speed the ride doesn't seem to offer much. Is the theming in the queue and station cool?

In third place, R.I.P., we have Batman and Robin: The Chiller formerly at Six Flags Great Adventure with 17% of the vote.

Chiller was an awesome ride, I think anyway, but it was hard to visit the park and find both sides open. The theming was pretty good as well. It's nice that some of it will remain and be used in Great Adventure's new Dark Knight coaster this coming season.

The Mr. Freeze coasters at Six Flags St. Louis and Six Flags over Texas came in 4th with a respectable 14% of the vote.

After that the remaining rides all had significantly lower numbers of votes. All are, or were for those that have been removed, pretty interesting or unique rides with some decent theming as well.

The new poll is up, so think it over and decide your favorite operating custom Schwarzkopf ride!