Saturday, April 5, 2008

Worlds of Fun 2009?

Rumors - lots of those have been going around for quite some time now about Worlds of Fun's possible addition for 2009.

Well, now it looks like these rumors are receiving some more concrete backing, or should I say wooden backing?

Check out this thread over at Thrill Network - there's already pictures of markers in the ground along with an aerial of the possible site of the coaster.

For the record though I have no idea what the park is building. I've been told a GCI wooden coaster for a while now, but I've also been told that GCI is doing one a year for Cedar Fair - and California's Great America is clearly adding one in 2009.

So either they're adding two in one year, meaning Worlds of Fun will get one, or something else is on the horizon. The location of these Cedar Fair GCI wooden rides has changed a lot - I mean Dorney was supposed to be building one right now.

Anyone want to shed some light on the subject?