Monday, April 7, 2008

Busy Opening Weekend

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This past weekend spelled opening day for several amusement parks across the country, and Theme Park Review has a ton of great photo trip reports from many of these properties.

Here's one from Hershey Park and another from HP with some awesome Fahrenheit photos. Also of note, Hershey has already put up a sign in the park saying that they're making their 2009 announcement (expansion to The Boardwalk) on July 1st.

Six Flags St. Louis also started it's 2008 season this past weekend as seen in the photos here and also here. Evel Knievel is coming along nicely per those photos.

And Six Flags Great Adventure is not to be left out as well. They opened and well ... Dark Knight is in a really ugly huge box and the park seems weird with that whole section closed off. I hope this is another transition year for the property. And Houdini is closed! The signs are gone and everything. I hope Six Flags really has a great plan for this park...