Monday, April 21, 2008

Planet Snoopy at Cedar Point Photos

© Cedar Point 2008

For those of you not keeping up to date with Cedar Point's blog (I've been slacking) - they've been doing a great job of keeping up with the construction of Planet Snoopy.

They posted some great photos of the rides and theming going in on this past Friday, and today they shared a bunch of photos of the new Joe Cool Cafe.

The addition to the park is looking great, I'm glad that they are re-theming the rides from when they were at Geauga Lake. From the concept art you couldn't fully tell if they would give them new backdrops and the like.


Chris said...

Just how many themes for rides does CF plan to milk from the Snoopy franchise? The "Planet Snoopy" signs look like something out of a parking lot identification pole. Hopefully they still have a lot of theming elements that haven't made it into the park yet. I really hope they bring over the Nickolodeon franchise. The new cafe does look pretty nice, though- and does look to be themed pretty well.