Thursday, April 17, 2008

Texas' 2nd Tony Hawk Big Spin

© Aaron Chimbel / Texas Cable News

Six Flags Over Texas has completed the track and supports for their new Tony Hawk's Big Spin roller coaster. Texas Cable News has an article, a video, and a nice photo gallery of the ride, one of the photos can be seen above. You can check that out here.

Warning, though, they have a crazy misquote in that article. They have the GM of the park as saying about Tony Hawk: "It's 250-feet-tall like the Titan and run 80 miles and hour," he says. "It's a more compact, tighter coaster with a lot real tight turns and drops." Obviously it's not that tall and doesn't "run" 80 miles an hour - I'm guessing the GM was saying it's not like Titan.

But back to the ride itself - the photo gallery has some nice shots that show how this version of Tony Hawk sits among some trees and looks very nice in the park.