Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Schlitterbahn 2008: Dragon's Revenge

Schlitterbahn Waterpark Resort, New Braunfels, TX, has announced their new attraction for the summer 2008 season: Dragon's Revenge.

The attraction is a highly themed master blaster water slide attraction. Screamscape is reporting that this will be and existing master blaster slide with tons of new theming added. The press release lists 8 uphill blasts, six caverns, a surprise waterfall, and an encounter with a dragon, and even a dramatic musical score.

The ride's official website has a pretty cool video animation, too. It looks like some of the special effects that were being shown off at IAAPA this past winter will be used in the ride. There looks to be faux fire, a rotating tunnel with projections, and that cool mist projection that will make the ride's dragon come to life.

I think it is totally awesome that Schlitterbahn is stepping up their game and building a highly themed ride like this. I know that I'd take a special trip to check out an attraction like this, too bad Texas is rather far away.

Here is a link to the ride's page.