Saturday, April 19, 2008

Kings Island 2008 (+2009) Photos

© Ronny Salerno / KICentral 2008

KICentral has posted a great photo update for what's new at Kings Island in 2008. You can check out all the name changes, new entertainment, and tons of other stuff that's new and different at the park this year.

The update also has plenty of photos of the construction of the B&M Hyper that's going in for 2009. They've already got tons of footers in for the station/transfer area, and they even have a huge footer done in front of the park's Antique Photo stand that looks like it'll be for the ride's lift as it heads back toward The Crypt into the undeveloped area of the park.

I wonder if it'll be called Behemoth or if it will have a unique name?