Thursday, April 17, 2008

Dominator Pictures

© Coaster Crew 2008

Head on over to the Coaster Crew website to check out some new photos of Dominator construction at Kings Dominion.

I figured the ride would be totally painted by now, it's not, but they are making progress. The station also has had a lot of work done, along with the transfer house. They also have put up the frame for the crazy looking staircase leading up to the station. I get that the station is really, high off the ground - but you gotta see how weird the staircase looks without anything else around it yet... it just didn't seem to stick out as much at Geauga Lake.

And for a nice comparison shot of the photo above, check out this image at CoasterImage of when the ride was at Geauga Lake.

And I'm just including the above image because I totally forgot how the station entry/exit, and queue were set up at Geauga Lake, so this makes for nice reference.