Saturday, April 12, 2008

Dragon's Revenge Video

Sorry for the double YouTube video posts ... but this one is worth sharing as well. This is the promo video for Schlitterbahn's new attraction, Dragon's Revenge:

Pretty awesome if I say so. The start reminded me of something, then I realized that it was the promo video that Kings Island did for Italian Job. Jeffrey Siebert was the PR guy at Kings Island when they announced that ride, and now is the PR guy for the Schlitterbahn water parks. Hmm curiously similar. No really though, the Dragon's Revenge appears to be a 3DVIP video just like Italian Job's.

For good measure, there you have the Italian Job video. Ahhh yes, memories...

And one more: This is the video that Screamscape posted of the projection effect inside the tube that I think the dragon will be created with: (its the 2nd half of the video)

Also be sure to check out Technifex's website to see another awesome video of the capabilities of their Tunnel Vision effect. Technifex is known for their "faux fire" special effect, and considering that is listed in Dragon's Revenge press materials, I think it's pretty safe to say that the company will be handling the ride's special effects.