Sunday, April 20, 2008

Is This Really Manta?

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The Disney Information Bulletin Board website has published these images of concept art for Sea World Orlando's new coaster in 2009, rumored to be named Manta.

Last I heard the announcement for the B&M Flying Coaster was to be in May, so I'm not sure how these turned up already. It's also odd that the ride's track color is different in each of the images. Maybe they were released on purpose by the park to drum up some more press?

If the concept art is real it certainly matches up with all the rumors we've heard about the ride, and the area around the attraction does look nice.

Head over to the DIBB to see all the images.

© 2008 Busch Entertainment


Chris said...

So exciting to read about all the new coasters going just up a short drive away! Couple what is already represented with the hypercoaster and the standup at SFOG and the entire B&M arsenal will be represented between Central Florida and Georgia.