Saturday, April 19, 2008

Carowinds 2008 Brochure

Considering the park is already open for the 2008 season this is, well, rather late. But still let's take a look at it. That's a perfect example of a Cedar Fair brochure cover - half water park and half big ride. And of course 2 Great Parks For the Price of 1!

2nd Wave Pool is new for this year, another recent Cedar Fair trend that is a fantastic idea. Crowded wave pools are gross, not fun, and dangerous. (imo) This brochure also uses correct names for rides, like Nighthawk and Flight Deck.

Props for showcasing the Nickelodeon characters, please pay the licensing fee to expand the characters to the legacy parks, okay Cedar Fair?

And Scarowinds is equally important with so much attendance coming in during the fall for parks. Overall: not a bad brochure!