Thursday, November 15, 2012

Worlds Of Fun Roaring into 2013 With Even More Additions

Marking the second announcement for the park's 2013 season, the first of which was a large water park expansion, World of Fun will bring Dinosaurs Alive! to the park as well.

"The addition features over 35 life-size dinosaurs in a spectacular outdoor setting and allows visitors to learn when and where these prehistoric creatures lived, how they protected themselves, and how they adapted to their prehistoric world between 65 and 245 million years ago. Along a winding 1,900-foot-path tucked in a 2-acre forested setting, six main scenes and seven unique themes tell stories based on real fossil evidence. Guests will have the opportunity to stand under and around various dinosaurs, comparing not only the immense size but how they interacted with each other."

Like other Dinosaurs Alive! attractions that have come before, the Worlds of Fun version will feature a 72 foot long and 50 foot tall Ruyanogosaurus.  Unique to the park will be the long-necked Brontomerus, a species just named in 2011.

Located near the Boomerang roller coaster, Dinosaurs Alive! will also feature a gift shop, dig site where kids can play, interactive consoles that make certain dinosaurs move, and plenty of education signage throughout.