Thursday, November 29, 2012

Lighting Up Coney Island's Famous Parachute Tower

According to news sources, Coney Island's famous Parachute Jump tower may be quite a nighttime spectacle starting this coming Summer.

If approved by the Landmark Preservation Committee, the 262 foot tall structure will be adorned with over 8,000 colored LED lights.  When used together they will be able to perform a light show synchronized to music, perfect for holidays and other special events. 

The project will use $2 million from the city's development funds, and be installed by Zamperla's Central Amusements, the company that runs Luna Park and Scream Zone, just a short walk up the boardwalk.

The Parachute Jump tower was first built for the 1939 World's Fair, then moved to Steeplechase Park a couple years later.  It hasn't operated in decades, but remains a Coney Island landmark.  As Coney Island struggles to rebuild after Sandy, this will quite literally be a bright spot for the city next year!