Friday, November 2, 2012

The Greatest Battle You'll Ever Ride - Universal Studios Florida 2013

Perhaps not the best kept secret we've seen in a while, but no matter, the announcement was still worth the wait:  Universal Studios Florida will be opening their own copy of Transformers The Ride 3D in Summer 2013.

The park made the official announcement last night as part of their nightly Cinematic Spectacular lagoon show, a most impressive way to do it.  Park guests were in for special treat if they were at the park for the day!

Already open at Universal Studios Hollywood and Universal Studios Singapore, Transformers The Ride takes guests on a 4D quest to save the world along with the Autobots.  Plans for the attraction to be built in Florida started just days after the ride opened in Hollywood, and since then it's had the fastest build schedule of any Universal ride in their history.  Why?  Simply put, the ride is a home run and once it opens it will be quickly embraced by Florida visitors.

The two story attraction uses a motion based vehicle to take riders past various sets and 3D projections, much like Islands of Adventure's popular Spiderman ride.  In Orlando Transformers will have a more heavily themed building than in Hollywood, along with some queue changes.  The actual ride experience will be the same as the other versions.

For some great shots from the announcement, and some additional details from a press conference with the ride's designers, follow this link.