Saturday, November 24, 2012

Interesting European Attractions Show Wrap-Up

I've had this article open in my browser for a couple weeks now, meaning to share it with you all because it contains some pretty interesting information.  At least I think so.

Coasters and More did a great write up on the EAS, as it is known, which is the European version of the IAAPA show.  It's smaller, but quickly growing and most of the big manufacturers are there, which means that plenty of news leaks out.

If you click through and read the full story, you'll see what I mean about interesting news.  Take for instance the fact that Gerstlauer is transforming the Schwarzkopf flywheel launch Turbine at Walibi Belgium into an LMS launch, complete with brand new trains.  Or that Mack rides has sold a clone of Blue Fire, and Vekoma a Dive Pretzel Coaster, that crazy looking thing that was proposed for the Orlando Thrill Park.

On the water cooler talk side of things, the article also reports that a lot of attention has been going to Dynamic Attractions, a company that has been in the industry for decades, quietly building the hardware for some of Disney and Universal's most impressive attractions.  From the Soarin' theaters to full Space Mountain track replacements, they've done them all.  The original founder of Premier rides is with them, and it sounds like they're ramping up to become a much better known supplier in the industry.  Their motto is "Anything you can Dream.  We can build" after all.

Regardless, check out the story and read all the details!