Sunday, November 11, 2012

Scott And Carol Present - A Tribute to Our Service Men & Women

Here at News Plus Notes we want to encourage everyone to reach out to veterans of all our armed forces and first responders. Above you see the USS Requin submarine, on display at the Carnegie Science Center in Pittsburgh, PA. Placed into service at the end of World War II, it never fired a shot in anger but instead became the first Radar Picket submarine.

This inside photo of the forward torpedo room shows how well kept the submarine is, and when queried, some sailors of the USS Pittsburgh said, "Ours is a little more luxurious, but the paint is still the same." They have a lot in common with the sailors of the Requin, as many of their missions are classified and the complete story of the Requin is still to be told.

These service members were visiting to help commemorate the death of the Marl "Tink" Garlock, the only member of the Requin's crew to sacrificee his life on board. Not only do they protect our freedom, they help to support the keeping of the stories of the "Greatest Generation."

Here is the finish of the One Voice Relay run at Cheetah Plaza at Bush Gardens Africa. They completed a four day, 550 mile relay run from Duluth, GA to raise awareness and funds for the families of fallen and wounded Special Operations Forces, the edge of the knife blade fighting the ware on terror. 

Jim Dean, President of Bush Gardens and his wife thank the runners of the 8th annual special Forces run. After he led the Pledge of Allegiance, he stated that they have distributed over $560,000. Interesting to note, the park guests around the area all paused and joined in both the pledge and the national anthem.

Lieutenant Bill Stevens of the Duluth Police Department gave thanks to all the soldiers, sailors, and flyers who "Treasure freedom enough to die for it, now it is up to us to live up to their sacrifice."

The largest gathering of B-26 Bombers assembled since World War II gathered at the National Museum of the United States Air Force for the Doolittle Reunion. This daring group struck the first blow against the Japanese homeland.

Leaving gaps in their formation, the fliers commemorate their fallen comrades. As we remember their sacrifice, we should strive to make every day Veterans Day, by reaching out to both them and their families, because without the work they do and did, we would not be able to go to the amusement parks we all love.