Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Beech Bend Park Swings + Spins Toward 2013

Beech Bend Park and Splash Kingdom have been steadily adding to their ride and water attraction collection over the past few years, and have just revealed that they've signed on the dotted line for yet another thriller.

An example of the type of ride coming to Beech Bend
A major benefit of the annual IAAPA trade show is that some parks indeed go shopping for a new ride, and are eager to make the purchase on site.  Such is the case with Beech Bend owner Dallas Jones, who purchased a Chance Revolution for the park's 2013 season.

The ride, which will be named later, will send riders up to 60 feet in the air at a maximum swing angle of 240 degrees, well on the way to fully inverted.  As the large arm swings back and forth riders, who seat facing each other, are rotated 360 degrees.  To say the experience is disorienting is an understatement!

Congratulations on the continued expansion of Beech Bend!