Sunday, November 18, 2012

Disney's Hollywood Studios Previewing new Jack Sparrow Attraction

Disney's Hollywood Studios is now previewing their latest attraction, Pirates of the Caribbean: The Legend of Jack Sparrow, to guests of the park before it officially opens on December 6th.

I didn't follow the announcement of this attraction too closely, and honestly wasn't too sure what it was until videos of it started appearing online yesterday.  Orlando Attractions Magazine filmed the experience, so if you do not want to know just what takes place, then skip this video!

As you can see, the attraction mostly relies on audio, lighting, and video effects to entertain. I have to wonder if small kids might have a bit of a cry-fest in this one, the combination of loud and dark usually have that result.

The projection of Jack Sparrow is particularly nice, very similar to the characters in Universal's Forbidden Journey queue line.  While the attraction is by no means a big marketable addition, it's certainly nice filler for the Studios, which could use it. 

I love how it pokes fun of itself, too, as Jack departs with "come back in eight minutes and we'll do it all over again."