Monday, November 5, 2012

Tivoli Gardens' New Merry Corner

Denmark's Tivoli Gardens has announced a new mini-area that will be added to the amusement park in 2013, named the Merry Corner.  The area will be themed after the famous Tycho Brahe, a Danish astronomer, and will reflect his love of the stars, planets, and galaxies.  The spirit of his discoveries will fill the area, complete with some interesting contraptions to take a spin on.

The Merry Corner is just that - a small corner of the already packed amusement area that currently is used as an employee area.  It will be opened up next year and feature a total of three attractions, all themed, with a little of something for everyone.

The park's children's plane ride will be given a unique theme and turned into an "interactive flying carousel," in which riders can control the height of the plane.  Also new will be an 8 meter freefall ride that's meant to thrill the entire family.

The buildings surrounding the rides will be finished in a traditional Copenhagen style, which will provide an interesting contrast to the past-future theme of the rides.

The biggest news of the Merry Corner is the new Zamperla Air Race that will be installed, up on a platform over the area.  Giving it extra height, the thrill ride will be unique to the European market.  The cars will be themed as giant eagles, soaring and inverting on top of a mechanically themed base.  No doubt, the added height of the ride will make for an even greater thrill.

For a virtual fly though of the Merry Corner, check out this video the park has released.  The google translated press release is available here.