Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Scott And Carol Present - The Unveiling of Outlaw Run's Coach at IAAPA

Welcome to News Plus Notes' same day coverage of IAAPA 2012. For all you Northerners, yesterday it was 82 degrees late in the afternoon, and snow was an Internet only memory. The trade floor is open for business and all the doors were crowded as attendees stormed the floor.

Silver Dollar City unveiled the first almost completed car for Outlaw Run and she is a beauty. Brad Thomas of Silver Dollar City and Fred Grubb of Rocky Mountain Construction did the honors, after a short countdown and shouts of “Pull that drape.”

Fred, and his wife Suanne, stand next to the car which features lap bar restraints only, and some very fancy handlebars on each side. If you look closely, their are slight cutouts on each side of the front base plate, which are required for the 3 degree roll necessary in the barrel roll element.

Here is a side view of the train. Look at the detailed pin striping! Only at Silver Dollar City in spring 2013.

Alan Schilke designed the layout for Outlaw Run and he offered these comments. "I have included the 180 degree inversion many proposals but nobody was interested until it was incorporated into a turn. I try to make the layout look impossible, but I always maintain excellent safety standards for my designs. This was a very fun ride to design, and both Rocky Mountain Construction and Silver Dollar City are excellent partners to work with for this project."