Wednesday, November 28, 2012

SlotZilla Heading to Downtown Las Vegas

It looks like rides and attractions aren't completely dead in Las Vegas, after all.  Downtown Las Vegas' Freemont Street Experience has announced a new high-flying attraction that will have everyone looking up next year:  SlotZilla.

SlotZilla will cost a pretty tremendous $11 million to build, and will stand over eleven stories tall at its peak.  The ride will feature not one but two different sets of zip lines that will send passengers soaring over Freemont Street.

According to developers each time a rider departs the giant slot machine arm above them will pull down, and the reels will spin.  Obviously from the art the departure point for the ziplines will be a spectacle on its own.

The upper ziplines will be known as the Zoomline, and take off from 100 feet in the air.  Passengers will actually lay in a harness for that one, making their flight of over 1,700 feet much like that of Superman.

The lower paths, known as a fitting Ziplines, will depart from 70 feet in the air, and stretch 850 feet to their landing point.  It sounds like riders will soar in a more traditional zipline position on the lower level.

The entire structure and the lines are expected to open in June, 2013.