Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Latest Son of Beast Demolition Photos

© Kings Island
With Kings Island now closed for the season, they've started to take down the remaining portions of Son of Beast, which also happen to be the tallest and closest to the park's midways.

The park's General Manager has shared some additional photos, showing off the doomed coaster's 214 foot tall first drop starting to be torn down.  The park still has a lot of tall structure to bring down - I'm interested to see how exactly they do that.  The total height of the coaster is 218 feet, so that's a lot of wood to come crashing down depending on the method used.

© Kings Island
The above photo shows where most of Son of Beast used to reside.  Now it is just a field of footers, which will eventually have to be dug out as well.  Just look at all the space that has been opened up!

It is not every day you get to see a ride of this magnitude removed, in face it is probably safe to say it will be once in a lifetime.  Can you imagine how much the park is having to spend just to get rid of the ride?