Friday, November 2, 2012

Disney + Lucasfilm: A Match Made in Heaven

© Disney 2012
Disney acquires Lucasfilm.  Now that's some big news!  About $4.05 billion worth of news, to be exact.  After acquiring Marvel a couple years back, Disney has again set its sights on a big purchase, and this time it comes complete with the Star Wars franchise, along with Indiana Jones.

The company is already planning to release Star Wars Episode 7 in 2015, with more films in the future.  Star Wars has already been successfully incorporated into many Disney Parks via rides and attractions.

As an amusement park blog, it is natural for me to wonder how this purchase will bring future changes to the theme parks.  It goes without saying that the power of Star Wars is massive, and it doesn't take long to start to dream of how new rides could be worked into Tomorrowlands or a property like Disney's Hollywood Studios.

MiceAge has a story about the purchase that eludes to how the parks could be effected, but its probably too soon to really know for sure.  Personally, I'd love to see the company find a way to reboot the Indiana Jones series in a good way (meaning not like Crystal Skull), and then bring more of Indy's famous adventures to the parks.  The future is bright!