Saturday, November 17, 2012

Outlaw Run at IAAPA, and New Antarctica Video

The debut of Silver Dollar City's Outlaw Run ride vehicle - aka the stage coach - at IAAPA made quite a splash, so much so in fact that the park put together a neat video about the experience.

The highly anticipated ride is sure to make waves once it opens next year, as guests get their first shot at trying out the unique double barrel roll, 81 degree drop, and several instances of extreme banking.

Shifting to a very cold attraction in a very hot state, we move to Antarctica at SeaWorld Orlando.  The ride's unique ride vehicle was also unveiled for the first time at IAAPA, but now the park has sent out a new video showing off even more of the ride.

Did you catch the little peek at the ride vehicle in motion toward the end?  Gives a nice idea of how the motion base aspect of the attraction will play out.

With more concept art being shown in each video, combined with seeing the vehicle in action, I'm getting more excited for this attraction - looks to be quite unique and also quite an undertaking!