Friday, November 30, 2012

Djurs Sommerland Building Intamin Launched Coaster for 2013

Denmark's Djurs Sommerland has announced a major addition for next year, Juvelen (meaning Jewel), which is a double-launch Intamin motorbike coaster.

The park had been teasing the ride for some time, showing off construction photos and footers being poured, but now they've revealed all.  Well, mostly everything that is.  The ride's trains will be themed to off road ATV looking contraptions, with normal seating instead of the motorcycle position.  The ride will travel through a heavily themed jungle setting, and if the concept art above pans out it should be fairly impressive.

As for the ride itself, the track length will be just under 3,300 feet long, and reach a top speed of 53 miles per hour.  The park has released this video showing off the layout.  The video is simple and just meant to show the basics, so hopefully this family ride will look considerably better when it opens!


Surya said...

Glad to hear it's an Intamin, the park is on my list of parks to visit :)