Monday, November 5, 2012

NPN October 2012 Poll Results

During the frightening month of October, our NewsPlusNotes poll queried who does the best at "Boo," meaning scares, of course.

And as chosen by our readers, that would be Halloween Haunt at the chain of Cedar Fair parks.  Started forty years ago at Knott's Berry Farm, the company has successfully transported the event to almost all their parks (sorry Michigan's Adventure, maybe next year!).  The events garnered 38% of the total vote to end in first place.

Universal's Halloween Horror Nights has been around only about half as long as the Haunt, however, the movie studio backing the park features has made it one of the premier scare events in the world.  Originated at the Florida park, it was eventually transplanted to Hollywood.  The event has been able to play off of Hollywood's biggest and scariest movies, creating mazes based on my popular characters.  In the end, the event came in second place with 30% of the vote.

Chain wide, the Six Flags Fright Fest events were kicked up a notch in 2012, resulting in the biggest events many of the parks had ever put on.  Perhaps that helped them achieve third place in our poll, with 13% of the vote. Alternatively, that could also be taken to mean that they have some more work to do in our readers' minds.

Here's the exact breakdown of the poll:

This month's poll is now live, and we're looking backward again - this time to 15 years ago.  What was your favorite new coaster of 1997?