Sunday, November 18, 2012

From the Vault: 1998 Geauga Lake Advertisement

The following Geauga Lake advertisement is a bit sad all things considered, but that's not where we are headed with this.  I actually featured this ad here on NPN some five years ago, but the photo quality was poor at best.  Hey, I tried!

With improved technology I thought it was worth another glance, if for no other reason to act as a segue for next week's Vault.

Serial Thriller:  It thrills again and again and again.  How silly.  It was a fun idea, though, and naturally we know that some folks wouldn't agree that the ride was much fun. If you'd like to test it out you can simply visit Michigan's Adventure where the coaster is now Thunderhawk.

As for why this advertisement leads to next week's Vault, that's because it is from a visitor's book from Sea World Ohio, remember when that existed?  We'll head back in time to check that out next week.