Monday, November 12, 2012

Playland's Fate Not Yet Decided, Afterall?

Although plans for the future of Rye Playland seemed to have been officially announced a few weeks ago, it seems that perhaps things aren't as final as they seem.

According to this story, the Westchester Board of County Executives are still entertaining presentations by companies interested  in renovating and expanding Rye Playland.  It would appear as though there is some debate as to whether County Executive Robert Astorino has the authority to have signed the deal with Sustainable Playland.

The latest proposal is for a $25 million investment from Standard Amusements, who's plan includes "a comprehensive facelift for Playland, improved food operations, more games that cultivate inter-generational experiences, increased use of the park for live entertainment and seasonally-themed shows, plus better marketing of the park."  That quote is from a release sent out directly from the Board of Legislators.

The Board has also stated that they would like to hear from Central Amusements, Zamperla's company which runs the amusements in Coney Island.  The Legislators hold that they ultimately have to approve the operator for the park.

From how the agreement with Sustainable Playland was presented, things seemed fairly final - but apparently that is not the case at all.  Guess this story isn't quite over!