Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Vertical Construction of Busch Gardens Wiliamsburg's Mystery Coaster Underway

© Busch Gardens Williamsburg
Well, I suppose it isn't really much of a mystery at all.  However, since the park hasn't announced their 2015 coaster project we will kindly refer to it as a "mystery coaster."

The rumor is that the park is building a launched ride from Premier, the same as Superman Ultimate Flight at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom.  Let's just say that's a very strong rumor, since the ride is already under construction at the Virginal theme park.

As for why the park hasn't announced the new ride, well probably right now only the park really knows.  One theory is that there was no huge "new coaster" announcement due to the fact that the ride is quite low in capacity, potentially leading the park to advertise it more as just a new "ride."  You know, lower expectations will lead to less disappointed visitors.  Or, and this is my personal hope, the park's planned "stunt bike" theme was eventually deemed too ridiculous, and the name (Tempesto) and theme are undergoing a redo.

Regardless of that situation, the park is currently building the orange support and teal tracked ride, and photos of this can be seen over at BGWFans.

Also, for those wondering why I included a photo of the park from the air, all lit up for Christmas Town, it's simply because there are no official photos of the new coaster... and it's really pretty.  There's a few more on the park's Facebook page.