Sunday, November 16, 2014

More of Shanghai Disney Resort Revealed

© Disney via
The slow, at times turtle slow, reveal of the offerings of the Shanghai Disney Resort continues, with a new post this past week on the Disney Blog.  The latest items to be shown off include two of the resort's hotels and the main dining and shopping area outside the theme park's gates.

Seen at the top of the post (in a larger version found on a Chinese website), a new aerial concept art view of the entire resort has also been released.  The park is still being a bit tricky, though, as even the larger version of the concept art lacks the detail needed to really pick apart the attractions. 

© Disney
The blog post is a bit more giving about Disneytown, "a spectacular shopping, dining and entertainment district" that will reside just outside the theme park and near the resorts.  It will contain a plethora of unique dining and shopping opportunities, along with a permanent Mandarin version of the Lion King Broadway show in the theater depicted above.

New concept art of both the Shanghai Disneyland Hotel and Toy Story Hotel were also shown off in the post.  The Toy Story Hotel, especially, has a very unique look.

For more details on the resorts and Disneytown, head over to the Disney Blog.