Sunday, November 2, 2014

Fun Spot America Opens New Zamperla Air Race Ride

© Fun Spot America
Fun Spot America, located in Orlando, FL, has surprised us all with the quick addition of a new Zamperla Air Race ride named Air Raid.

The park received shipment of the ride, which appears to be a model that could travel the fair circuit, and within a few days had the attraction open to the public.

Air Raid seats two riders per car and treats them to a spinning, inverting, and generally wild ride.  Here, have a look at the attraction in motion:

Fun Spot America has set the ride up near the parking lot, in between the new main entrance and the station for White Lightning.  This will certainly work to draw folks into the park, especially at night - Air Raid comes with a stunning light package.

It's great to see the park expanding so soon after, well, expanding.  Fun Spot America just recently added and entire new section, doubling the size of the park and adding two new roller coasters.  And it seems they're not done yet - work seems to have started on another project in an undeveloped part of the property.  Can't wait to see what that turns out to be!