Monday, November 10, 2014

Track in Place for Efteling's Baron 1898

© Efteling
It's always nice to see track for a new B&M coaster being carefully lifted into place!  Efteling has received delivery of track for their new dive roller coaster, named Baron 1898.  Seen above being moved off the delivery truck, the track is a very nice deep green with a hint of blue color, one that feels just moody enough to fit the haunted theme of the attraction.

© Efteling
The ride was just announced a few weeks ago, and that included some beautiful concept art of the station, lift, and drop of the ride.  This second photo shows track for the station being put into place - also of note is that the main structure of the station is already in place as well.

While we know there is a drop that heads into an underground tunnel, we still haven't heard anything official from the park as to the rest Baron 1898's layout.