Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Thunderbird Construction Moves to Elevated Horseshoe

© Holiday World
After Holiday World completed the 125 foot vertical loop on Thunderbird, they quickly crossed over The Voyage and started on the launched wing roller coaster's next element.  That happens to be an "elevated horseshoe," which can be seen halfway complete in the photo above.

The top of this element is actually banked more than 90 degrees, and it will be quite a sight to see the five car trains soaring through it.  The park reports that right around 50% of the Thunderbird track has been put into place so far.

Additional recent construction photos are available on the Thunderbird website.

Also worth noting is that the park has released another episode of Hard Hat Chronicles, which is nicely documenting Thunderbird's construction.  There's some excellent shots of the elevated horseshoe going up in here as well.  Check it out: