Saturday, November 8, 2014

More On King Kong's Return to Wildwood

We recently featured the before and after versions of Morey's Piers' concept design for their new for 2015 set of Larson Flying scooters.  At the time I was sort of wondering what was up with the King Kong theming, but it turns out that was just ignorance on my part!

This story from the Press of Atlantic City details the reasons behind the choice to have Mr. Kong atop the new ride, holding a tram car and wearing an 'I heart Wildwood' shirt.  Turns out that King Kong will actually be making his return to Wildwood next year, since he was originally featured on another of Morey's rides:

© Press of Atlantic City / Al Alven
The $1.3 million attraction will somewhat replicate this original ride, though the older one is not a swing ride, it appears to have been a spinner.   The ride will be set up on Surfside Pier in the location of the Condor ride that was removed a few years back. 

The above referenced story has some neat history on the King Kong that was featured on the original ride, and its eventual demise, so make sure to check that out.  The new ride will open at Morey's on Memorial Day 2015.