Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Scott And Carol Present - The Justice League Battle For Metropolis 4D at Six Flags St Louis and Six Flags over Texas

The battle to save the world from Lex Luther and The Joker is so big, Six Flags has enlisted guests from two different parks, Six Flags Over Texas, and Six Flags Saint Louis, to help ensure the triumph of good over evil. All rider will have their very own stun gun to stop the bad guys, and they enjoy this 2015 attraction.

The official announcement was made on the IAAPA show floor earlier today, starting at the Sally booth, where they were very happy to share the credit with all the manufacturers involved in the project.

Sally Corporation, will utilize their 35 years of experience in the dark ride industry to bring the battle to life. Special effects include, but are not limited to, black lights, sound effects, an immersive story line, and 3-D glasses. With over 300 years of experience in the art department, each member uses their specific medium to thrill the rider.

The new ride vehicle will be supplied by Oceaneering Entertainment Systems. With over 20 years experience and an extensive selection of dark ride vehicles, the villains will not have a change, because the advantage will lie with the park’s guests.

Scott was able to get some of the inside scoop on the design process. But, Rich Hill was very careful not to share to much information.

Since these rides are coming to both Six Flags Over Texas and Six Flags Saint Louis, we propose a home and home contest, where the park’s respective general managers ride together for a good old-fashion shootout, with the winner getting bragging rights at the next general managers meeting. Any takers?

And in the fashion side of things Sally's  Marketing Director,  Lauren Wood shows off the latest in Justice League footwear. Carol would break both ankles and her neck trying to walk around in those shoes!