Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Fury 325's Lift Hill Going Up + New Entrance Work

© Carowinds
Carowinds has started to install the lift hill on Fury 325, with the first large segment now in place.  The park has shared some new photos of the ride on their webpage, and are also hinting at new live streaming webcams to follow the construction as well.  One of those webcams will give a view similar to the photo above when it goes live.

© Carowinds
With the first stretch of lift hill in place, the park's General Manager reports that Fury 325 is standing about 85 feet tall.  This photo also really gives a good look at the coaster's fantastic paint scheme as well.  The completed 325 foot lift hill and first drop will look stunning set against a blue sky.

© Carowinds / Michael Fehnel
We can't forget that Carowinds is also receiving a totally new main entrance in 2015, either.  The park's General Manager also shared this photo from the second upcoming webcam for Fury 325, which will show the ride's second half when it is complete.

But for now it lets us see just how the new entrance is coming along - check out how they've 100% demolished all aspects of the current entrance!

You can compare the above image to this aerial of the park, what the original entrance to Carowinds looked like.  All of that has been wiped clean already.  It makes it easier to compare the two images if you focus on the seats of the Paladium on the left.

I look forward to the new webcams, and also seeing Fury 325's lift and drop completed!