Friday, November 21, 2014

Scott And Carol Present - AirSurfer From Ride Entertainment Group

The AirSurfer offered by Ride Entertainment is a new way for guests to soar above any type of attraction. With almost unlimited theming options, guests do not have to ride a surfboard, though that would be the best element of cool for their participation. The ability to use an onboard battery powered electric motor to climb up hills adapts the AirSurfer to any terrain.

Adam Sandy and Andy Greenberg, the "A" team from ride entertainment explained how utilizing proprietary turning technology, unlimited course layouts are available. A soft blocking system keeps riders safely separated and the motor recharges the battery during braking similar to the systems used in Formula One racing cars.

Here is their presentation.

Here is the animated ride experience. Notice how guests are attached with an ASTM harness.

With an estimated capacity just under 100 people per hour, AirSurfer is projected as an  up charge attraction that can utilize any terrain, such as zoos, water parks, or any spot where stimulating vertical imagery can give guests a new perspective on the attractions. Adam and Andy are ready to help anyone "catch the wave," with AirSurfer.