Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Scott And Carol Present - Great Coasters International, Inc. Inks A Deal With DreamEast

DreamEast began  implementing some big plans at IAAPA. Emphasizing Chinese culture and owning their own intellectual properties, the goal is to develop a cultural industry that will include theme parks, a family entertainment center, large-scale shows, animation, and technology-based entertainment and games all based on the five thousand year history of China.

There are currently three theme parks planned, Legend World, Future World, and Zhoukoudian. Legend World will present the essence of Chinese culture surrounded by some of the most advanced theme park attractions. Future World will showcase exploration and innovation, where guests can learn about aerospace technology science and technology through interactive experiences. Zhoukoudian will present the culture of the region with highlights from both the ancient and modern civilization of Zhoukoudian.

Of course if you are building a theme park, you must include the king of the midway, a roller coaster. That is where Great Coasters International enters the project. Here is the contract signing for GCI's part of the project with He Yijie and Clair Hain doing the honors.

The planned development also includes a global shopping center and an entertainment technology center to further develop DreamEast’s intellectual property through games, feature films & animation projects, and large scale stage shows featuring what they already have been developing.

So with the large scope of this project, complete realization will be in the future, but Mr. Hain teases us with a little information about his part of the project. 

The renderings behind Clair Hain and He Yijie are beautiful, and we can’t wait for the next release for the project.