Sunday, November 23, 2014

The Return of the True Looping Water Slide?

A water slide with a real vertical loop once existed at New Jersey's Action Park, but it didn't last long.  Many years later the AquaLoop was created by WhiteWater, however that loop was not a true vertical one.

Now, a recent company to enter the slide manufacturing business (though they've worked on the structural side for many years), named Avalanche Waterslides, has created a modern take on the vertical loop slide.

© Avalanche Waterslides
Named the Skycalibre, the vertical loop slide will actually utilize a rider vehicle so that there's no direct contact between the rider and the fiberglass slide.  This is how riders are able to safely navigate the loop, says Avalanche Waterslides.

The ride stands 90 feet tall and starts with a truly vertical 45 foot plunge which feeds directly into the 30 foot loop.  The rider vehicles will hit a cool 50 miles per hour and those on board will experience up to 6 gs according to Avalanche.

I have to wonder if it won't be a bit difficult to get an insurance company to cover this style of ride, though the manufacturer's website seems confident there will be no safety issues at all.  They have built a full test model, after all.  The ride is listed at $1.4 million, potentially manageable for a smaller park.