Thursday, November 27, 2014

Exploring S&S ~ Sansei's New Website

Ever since S&S merged with Sansei back in 2012, I was hoping that the company would debut a new web presence showing off all that they offer.  The company's ride catalog was greatly expanded during the purchase, seeing as all of Sansei's creations were now in the mix.  It turns out that a new website was created (a while ago, and I missed it) but still only features S&S' traditional product line.  Sansei Technologies still has their own site, showing off their catalog as well.

© S&S ~ Sansei
However, exploring the new S&S ~ Sansei website does offer some interesting finds.  For one, the company is now offering a rotating tower ride, capable of being a Space Shot, Turbo Drop or Combo Tower.  With 20 seats in a ring around the tower - with optional rotating capabilities - the capacity of the company's popular tower rides can be improved.  I believe this new tower was being shown off as far back as last year's IAAPA show, however I've yet to see anyone snatch one up.  They have news of supplying several towers to new parks in China over the new two years, so perhaps an instillation isn't too far off.

© S&S ~ Sansei
S&S ~ Sansei has also been creating some unique coasters lately, and not just the custom El Loco in Las Vegas.  They did a modern take on a mine train in Italy, and built a handful high speed launched rides at parks in China.  The website shows either existing or proposed layouts (like one for a mine train, above) for many of their products, something that is always fun to peek at.

If you're looking for something to browse while digesting all that Thanksgiving food, head over to the S&S ~ Sansei website!  Now - let's see if we can get Premier Rides to update their site, it burns my eyes!