Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Scott And Carol Present - Knott's Berry Farm's Voyage to the Iron Reef

Just last week Knott's Berry Farm let the steampunk-sea-creature out of the bag and announced Voyage to the Iron Reef, a new "3D adventure enhanced with 4D effects and interactivity."

Now though a presentation at the IAAPA Trade Show the company behind the ride, Triotech, has revealed some additional details and artwork. 

These beautiful images are from the attraction's scenic development, creating the underwater setting of the ride.  Triotech will design and produce the ride's animation and gaming system, which will feature a high level of clarity when compared to their prior attractions.

Ernest Yale, Triotech's President and CEO states that they are "thrilled be recognized as the industry leader when it comes to interactive media-based attractions. This vote of confidence from the Cedar Fair group and specifically the team at Knott’s Berry Farm confirms this recognition and motivates our team of over 100 creators, software specialists, and engineers to surpass guests’ expectations and give them an experience that will make them want to come back over and over again."

During the Voyage to the Iron Reef riders will board four person submarine-inspired vehicles and head to the bottom of the ocean to fight steampunk looking sea creatures that are trying to destroy Knott's.  Above is a rendering of one of those, a large mechanical (and evil) looking crab.  Riders will blast at this and other creatures using a freeze ray, and earn points as they do.

Triotech also released this short animation study, showing how they have created the undersea creatures.  This, of course, is just one of the Kraken Queen's many soldiers that riders will 'freeze' as they move though 600 feet of track, past eleven separate scenes and other special effects.

The Voyage to the Iron Reef represents the largest contract ever awarded to Triotech in their 15 year history.