Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Riding the Fjord Flying Dragon at Happy Valley Tanjin

This isn't the most recent Gravity Group designed ride to open in China, however, when a good quality point-of-view movie of a ride that is sooooo very far away pops up, well, it's worth sharing.  I think.

The Fjord Flying Dragon opened in July of 2013 at Happy Valley in Tanjin, China.  The ride is not known for its twists like many other Gravity Group designed rides, instead this one focuses on providing plenty of air-time.

Like the company's other installations in China, the Fjord Flying Dragon was constructed by Martin & Vleminckx.  The ride is just under 4,000 feet in length and has a lift of 116 ft and a first drop of 112 feet.

Take a spin!