Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Sally Designed Scare House Opening in 2015 at Gröna Lund

Sweden's Gröna Lund, a seaside park known for their twisted and overlapping collection of rides and attractions, will premier a custom designed Sally Corp. haunted walk through in 2015, named House of Nightmares.

A full-time haunted attraction is not uncommon in European parks, less so in the U.S., but what makes this one so interesting is the fact that Sally is involved.  Known for their animatronics and dark ride creations, the company's projects always hit the mark.

The House of Nightmares has a fairly complicated back story, which revolves around Dr. Morphio, who once conducted some pretty heinous experiments in the dilapidated old mansion that guests will enter.  The facade of the structure will immediately attract attention, featuring "large video screens, special effects, lighting and sound that will help set the mood for the terrors that await inside."

The attraction will feature a plethora of goodies for those who dare to enter, including "animatronic characters and props, CGI video effects, live wire illumination, video projection, Pepper’s Ghost illusions, ultraviolet illumination, and live performers."  Generally speaking, it sounds like you won't be able to move an inch without being scared, one way or another.

“Together with Sally Corporation, Gröna Lund will create one of the worst horror experiences of its kind. Through advanced technology and special effects, we will challenge all our visitors’ minds.  We are currently discussing what the age limit should be for the House of Nightmares as this horror experience is not for everyone”, says Peter Osbeck, Ride Manager at Gröna Lund.

The House of Nightmares has been added to Gröna Lund's webpage already, with a teaser video and some additional information.  Be sure to check out the video of random people being scared by a sign advertising the new ride... a great laugh.  Also, make sure to stop by Sally's website to read more details of what's planned for the attraction.