Saturday, November 29, 2014

New Aerial Photos Show Off Avatar at Animal Kingdom

© Disney
I have a feeling that Disney is hoping that the new Avatar based land at Animal Kingdom will be a secret weapon of sorts, an addition that really might stand up to Universal's Potter themed areas.  If the final product turns out like the concept art release thus far, some of which is above, it very well may be.

Details of the attractions in the creation of the film's Pandora include a big Soarin' style attraction and boat ride of some sort.  There's also no official opening date, but we're still at least two years out at a best guess.

What stirred this post was some fantastic new aerials photos that I noticed were posted to Themeparx, showing off current construction of the Avatar land.

A while back some plans for the attractions in the Avatar area were leaked, and it looks like they were spot on.  I took one of the aerial images and outlined what seems to match to these plans (image below it) perfectly in yellow.  You can clearly see the curved footers that will be needed for the seating mechanisms for the four separate theaters in the Soarin' style ride.  The adjacent building, which will have the boat ride pass through, can also be seen.

There's plenty of other structures underway in the area, including footers for what I would think could be the start of floating islands and the facade for the huge show building.  Things will be more interesting in the coming months as the structure are finished, and we get a better idea of how this will all come together!